Tuesday, January 14, 2014

So Why Do I Even Have a Blog?

Does anybody blog anymore? Obviously I don't.
Does anybody even read this? I mostly stopped reading all the blogs when they killed google reader.
But hi. It's 2014. August through December happened and now we are nearly halfway to January.
Pinterest led me own blog. The desk post. And then I scrolled down and saw that just a year ago, my little girl turned ten and we had this awesome Club Penguin party complete with a giant rainbow layer cake.
It seems like turning ten was a lifetime ago, although it also feels like I was holding her all tiny and curled up against my chest a few weeks ago. Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey stuff indeed!
Eleven is weeks away. I am not drowning in party prep.
No invitations, no water bottles or candy bars to wrap, no piƱatas that are about a year before my theme is popular enough to be mainstream (Lalaloopsy was impossible to find when we did that party for L2, now they are not only all over Downtown LA, but all over everywhere).
This year she didn't want a party. Not even a Doctor Who party! (And I had a few adorable ideas on my Pinterest party time board)
It will be a small affair, just church because it's a Sunday, and then lunch, a movie and maybe some shopping with two of her best friends. Then I have to get these awesome girls back to church for an orientation meeting, because they are ten millions kinds of awesome and found a new ministry to be a part of. And we can't say no to serving God.  I'm trying to find a way to include cake in the day. I'd love to find this cake. I mean find because I don't want to attempt to build a TARDIS myself.

So, should I even bother with a recap of 2013?
Let's see. We left off in July.
August had my sister visiting, and L1 and I going to a weekend camp with a church group. It was awesome.
September had a needle, ink, and my leg. It also had an unexpected death in the family. That sucked, but sadly it is also the only way all of our family gets together. The getting together part was strangely fun (should you have fun at a funeral? Oh well. We did. I mean, there was crying, too.)
September also had a great new private school for us. Still homeschooling, but but this year we are part of an Academy. We have the benefit of turning in report cards to someone else for accountability, we have extra support, we have classes 2x month, and I get to pick what I want the girls to do. K is part of the preschool class.  I teach art class to five year olds. And I love it.
October had a surprise Paris party for L2. It was awesome. Maybe I'll post pictures. Flickr and Instagram and Facebook have pictures though, because that is where my real life happens.
September through December was Christmas Play time. It was fun and busy and intense and the kids were awesome and soon we should get our DVD of the show.
November I hated my oven for being too small.
December my sister came, then left, then came back, then I left. I kidnapped my husband and took him on a lovely three day two night getaway to Santa Paula, California. We mostly hung out in Ventura. We had a great time. Did I mention it was just the two of us? Yeah, that hadn't happened in eleven years. I won't let that much go before he and I have real time together and alone again.
I'm sure I have a friend or two willing to keep my kids overnight. I'd even return the favor.

January. This month had a cat scan. I never saw the cat, just a machine that told me NOT to look at the laser, which made me want to look at the laser. There was also an ultrasound (there are no humans growing inside me) and now we wait for results. Hopefully the results are good. Because now through June I have a lot to do, I'm looking forward to most of those things, dreading one or two of them... and I just don't have time to not be well.
So. Let's pray for good results. A clean bill of health.

And maybe I'll even blog again before summer.