Friday, September 7, 2012

School is in Full Swing... and Taking All My Time

So, the girls started school weeks ago. We were so busy with schoolwork, not to mention swim lessons and my parents moving, that I feel like I haven't had time to breathe the past 16 weekdays. Someone please tell me it's almost Thanksgiving.  I need a break. Unfortunately, I will only get busier before Thanksgiving.  We will be adding in Bible Study and Disneyschool classes on Wednesdays. Oh, and a church club on Monday nights.
Hey, that feeling of being unable to breathe is back! Why don't you enjoy some Not The First Day of School Pictures that I finally found time to take & upload.
After School Snacks

 Fun Braids 

 Hanging out at Starbucks, waiting for his sisters to be done with school.

One day, my kids will be able to do more schoolwork independantly. Or, maybe they'll go to a regular type of school.  One day, I'll have more time do the things I like. Things like blogging, and sewing, and keeping up with the laundry. Wait, I don't actually like the laundry, I just don't like the laundry never being completely put away. 
In the meantime, I am trying, really trying, to enjoy these three kids while they are little, and appreciate the time I have to spend with them. Even if they make messes, or take too long to answer a question, or have melt downs when they are asked to work on a writing assignment. We'll just keep swimming... 

Oh! There was one thing this week I'd almost forgotten about. One day, my husband came home on the early side, and we'd gotten a lot of work done for the day.  I thought it would be a good idea to go have some fun with the family. We headed to Disneyland, and even though I thought it would be too crowded, we went to the new Cars Land. It wasn't crowded at all!  We managed to do all the new rides (okay, it's only 3) and even saw a little show (a car Kevin says isn't nice, DJ, I think).  Kevin isn't quite tall enough for the racers, so after we did the other rides, my husband sent me off with the girls. I'm glad he did, because we loved the ride. I can't wait for Kevin to be tall enough to ride it.  I can see that being his favorite ride when he is big enough. 
 Super Excited Little Boy! 

 Cars Land! 
 Waiting for "school" to start
 Grouchy 4th Grader. Let's imagine she was grouchy that I interrupted her reading.
 Enjoying a snack while the girls were in class & Mommy was in a parent meeting.

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