Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weird Week

So, this week Bernix worked some crazy weird hours. 
Usually he leaves around 4 or 5 in the morning & gets home around 5 or 8 pm. 
Monday he got home around 8 pm.
Tuesday he went to work super early and was back around 9:30, and went with us to drop off Lisa for her state writing test.  Then we went to Coffee Bean, where we had fancy schmancy drinks and bagels and Lorelei did school work for a whole 30 minutes before I was called to pick up Lisa because she was done. 
We eventually came home & he went to work around 4 or 5. 
Wednesday I finally made it back to my Irvine bible study, and he was home when we got back around 1. We went to get my sister's new phone line/SIM card & went to ChickFilA, and we came home to watch a movie.  I think he was asleep before the movie started, which might have been before 6pm.  He slept until about 6am.  Then he made breakfast, and informed me we only had 3 eggs so only the kids got eggs.  I laughed.  I mentioned the words frittata & french toast, and he was all "Oh... those would have been good ideas." I had coffee so it was okay.  We also had bacon which was good because bacon. 
He swept the floor when I asked why we can't have a robot vacuum to clean the crumbs on the kitchen floor.  Girls started school.  I entered spelling lists on Spelling City.  Answered 20 questions asked by Kevin, 15 of which probably involved cookies or ice cream.  I realized he was here & would leave later for work, so I had to make food (lunch? dinner? Linner?) 
We threw chicken in the crockpot for soup, he peeled potatoes for fries & roasted potatoes.  More school.  He made fresh squeezed orange juice from oranges from the backyard. 
More school. 
He taught Lorelei science because it bores me & he enjoys it.  They had fun with magnets. 
We ate.  I realized the fridge is pretty much empty, and I was even out of flour & sugar (FOR SHAME!) and I didn't want to take the minions to the grocery store. Also, I asked him what we could do about our fridge because a crisper drawer is freezing our produce, and you can't do anything with frozen lettuce.  Carrots & tomatoes, sure.  Soup & salsa. But lettuce? Ruined! *cry cry cry* 
He said we'd probably buy a new fridge "eventually/soon" and I said something about not being my mother & it's only one drawer & I think if he can't fix it (he probably can.  He is very handy.) my aunt Mildred must have a number of a refrigerator repair man.  
I went to the store alone. It was so nice to not have anyone asking for chips or cookies or ice cream!  And I forgot that I wanted to buy myself a tiny ice cream to have later when the kids are in bed. 
I came home, they all helped me unload the groceries & then.... Bernix had to go to work. 
And he usually puts the groceries away! *cry cry cry* 
I hate putting groceries away.  
So here I am, procrastinating the putting away of ALL THE THINGS.  
I might need more coffee. 

completely unrelated chalk art... Lisa made a TARDIS in the driveway

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  1. Having to put the groceries away after you have already GONE TO THE STORE TO BUY THEM is a slap-in-the-face chore.