Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

To celebrate Independence Day, I decided to wake up with an eye infection.  Now, when I woke up I had no idea I had an eye infection, I just knew my eyes were hurting.  I didn't really help with the cooking today, although I did manage to go to the store with my mom for a few things we needed (and ice cream).  After we had lunch, we came inside & I turned the tv on for my dad. I looked up and noticed that the words on the screen (our tv needs a light bulb or something to be replaced, but it costs a ridiculous amount of money.  After a few minutes the warning about replacing the part goes off the screen & for now, it's fine) were blurry.  Then I looked outside and realized that the flowers against the fence (which are small) were also blurry.  I put on my glasses (I don't wear them all the time, but it helps with reading things like projectors at church & street signs when I'm driving) and everything was somehow more in focus and still blurry.  My mom sort of insisted I call the doctor, and luckily Kaiser has nurses and the Urgent Care staff working on holidays.  The advice nurse suggested I go in right away, and my mom drove me.
Being a holiday, there was no wait at all.  I had just sat down when I was called back, and seen immediately.  My mom says I "passed" the vision test, but at one point I had to tell the nurse to stop pointing at the letters because I couldn't make them out anymore. That was quite terrifying.
I thought that maybe the eyes had something to do with the allergies that are trying to kill me (okay, they are not so bad) or that maybe I was actually sick.  The doctor said my ears looked fine, and my throat, heart, lungs, etc are fine. So it was just my eyes, which "Are obviously infected. And highly contagious."
She wrote a prescription and sent me off the the 24 hour pharmacy by the emergency room, which is of course in a different building about a block away.
You know what isn't fun? Having to read your name on a glowing board to know your medicine is ready when everything is blurry and you can't really see letters.  I did eventually figure out my name was on the board & got my eye drops.  It just took longer than it should have.
On our way home, my mom bought me Starbucks because poor me.  (I also had my blood sugar checked, and the doctor was slightly annoyed that I had eaten right before going to the doctor, but, um, it's a holiday and we barbecued. Also, it was after 4pm so eating was kind of a given.)
The eye drops sting and maybe possibly they made me cry a little bit. I may or may not have screamed in pain.  I may or may not have scared one or more of my children.
3 hours later and the pain is already better. The blurriness isn't so bad, either.
And 24 hours after using the eyedrops, I should no longer be contagious. That was my one concern, because I have to teach on Sunday (I missed the last 2 weeks taking care of my sick children at home) and Monday is day 1 of 10 days of VBS.  I can't miss that! Thankfully, I won't have to.
So, how was your holiday?

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