Friday, October 19, 2012


My baby girl turned seven this week.  I can't believe how time flies.

This was her first birthday without our extended family here.  It was weird, but we still managed to have a good time.
We started the day with her sleeping in a bit, then quickly getting dressed for school.  We stopped at Starbucks for a birthday breakfast (bagels with cream cheese, and a green tea frappuccino to share with her brother & sister).  I took them to school, and then left to get cupcakes so she could share with her class.
Turns out I missed the 'entire school' singing happy birthday to her. Lisa also went up & led the Pledge of Allegiance.  I wish I had known, so I could have taken pictures.
I came back just in time to see my friend texting me, because I forgot to tell the girls what I was doing, and Lisa was looking for me before she went to class.  Oops!  I had told the teacher, at least.
Once the cupcakes where delivered, and the school picture forms (it was picture day) filled out & money left with teachers, my friend and I went to Starbucks (I only got water that time) and sat and talked, while Kevin played and watched some cartoons on my phone.

After school, my mom treated us to lunch.  Well, she told me to take money from her bank account and take Lorelei to lunch.  Lorelei said she wanted Mc Donald's, which we rarely get.  But, since it was what she wanted, that's what we got. (After a quick trip to Michael's...)
As we got our food, Bernix called to wish her a happy birthday & let us know he'd be home in a bit over an hour. We came home to wait for him, and when he got here, we went to the movies.  We saw Hotel Transylvania, and we all enjoyed it.  Yay for Tuesday birthdays and discounts at the theatre ; )

After the movie, we had an appointment, but it was at home, so the kids just relaxed and played while we took care of some stuff.  Then, I put a candle on a leftover cupcake, and gave Lorelei her birthday present.  I made her a dress to match her Rapunzel doll.

She's having a small birthday party tomorrow, and I am trying to get everything ready.  Wish me luck! 

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