Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Lalaloopsy Party

So, someone forgot to bring the camera out for at least half of the party.  
What you're missing: 
Kids coloring cute LaLaLoopsy paper dolls, kids playing with LaLaLoopsies, Kids running around, cupcakes (I do have pictures on my phone), food, most of the grownups at the party. Sorry.  This was my first birthday party without my sister, and apparently, she does a LOT of helping for birthday parties.  Also, all of the friends who would have grabbed a camera and started clicking away were unavailable last weekend. Sad Panda. We managed to have fun anyway, though, so... yay. 

Also- I'm not good at using my nice camera (I should, like, figure it out) and it's been so long since I've used it, I have apparently gotten worse.  I apologize.  I'll try harder next time? Maybe. Maybe not. 
The point is, the birthday girl had a blast. 

Moving on: 

Lorelei got first whack at the piñata. 
Notice her outfit... handmade (yes, by me). The skirt has a LaLaLoopsy embroidered on the back pocket.
 Whack. Smack. Boom!
 Stand back kids! I don't wanna mop up your blood if you get too close.
Pretend you don't see that walking-machine-contraption behind them.
 Slightly beat up piñata.  It was SEW CUTE.
 More hitting...

 Sisters get matching outfits... and they like it : D

 Boys have 0 issues hitting a pink piñata. Boys are cool.

 This was only slightly frightening... someone give these kids candy already : O 

 More friends, relaxing inside.
 The girls only look sweet...

 This one kept blowing bubbles in my face. Not cool. Bubbles & eyes do no go well together.
 Bouncy Castle fun.

 Don't ask me to explain why some of the kids are laying in the center and the rest run and jump around them. I'm not sure I want to know.

 ...or torture device?
 Giant paper doll(s)
 Pretty lights.
 Bad shot of the bouncy castle.
 Pretty lights... chocolate fountain in the background.
 Piles of presents...

 Merida came all the way from Redding.

 No kids, don't sit still for a second.  It's not like I'm trying to take your picture or anything...

 You know what happens when my dad isn't at a party? No one gathers all the wrapping paper as gifts are being opened.  What a mess! I miss my dad.
Kids enjoying a bunch of new toys (and not so new toys) in the backyard.  

I'd call the party a success.  

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